What is an MSP?

Here you can learn what features characterize MSPs and how they differ from other forms of cooperation.

MSP Overview

Here you can find out which MSPs exist with the involvement of the German Federal Government and which key areas of the 2030 Agenda they contribute to.

MSP Examples

We present a selection of individual MAPs in more detail.

MSP Support Platforms

Here you can find out which organizations – in addition to Partnerships2030 – offer expertise and support for MAP.

Actors in MSPs

Here you can find out which different stakeholder groups are involved in MSPs and how they can contribute to their success.

Impacts of Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships

Here you can learn more about the steps MSPs can take to better understand, capture and communicate their impacts.

MSP Success Factors

Every MSP is different, meaning that there is no one-size-fits-all approach towards a successful partnership. However, important prerequisites can be identified in general. Here you can find out more about the six success factors along the four MSP phases.