Partnerships2030 advises and supports new and existing multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs). In addition to various knowledge products and the latest information on MSPs from practice and science, the Partnerships2030 team also organises workshops, training sessions and offers space for networking, exchange and mutual learning. An overview of the services offered by Partnerships2030 can be found in the flyer here. To identify the information relevant to you swiftly, feel free to use our P2030 Quickfinder.

YouthCan!, a SOS Children’s Villages’ initiative, is a global partnership which supports young people who have lost parental care or are at risk of losing it to successfully transition into self-reliance. Our multi-stakeholder approach means that strategic partners join forces, share responsibility, and create a collective positive impact on youth, while also contributing to own sustainability strategies. Following a first successful cooperation with Partnerships2030, delivering a capacity building program in three countries, we will continue our joint work through tailor-made trainings for the YouthCan! network.

Christina Soreanu CRISTINA SOREANU, SOS Children’s Villages International

As a multi-stakeholder partnership in a complex web of relationships, we in the Textiles Partnership depend on competent advice. This is where Partnerships2030, with its broad overview of a wide range of partnership models and corresponding experience in all aspects surrounding the initiation and management of multi-stakeholder partnerships, is our first port of call.

Linda Schraml LINDA SCHRAML , Partnership for Sustainable Textiles

Before establishing the Development and Climate Alliance, we and the stakeholders involved considered how to organize ourselves to effectively achieve our goals. Among several options, MSP was the most promising. Partnerships2030 provided us with significant support along the way, especially in the early stages.

Peter Renner PETER RENNER, Development and Climate Alliance

The Partnerships2030 team supported us with methods and expert knowledge to clarify our goals and processes for achieving them. As a result, we can now prioritize measures and launch operational improvements in our partnership.

Torsten Freund TORSTEN FREUND, BASF/Global Battery Alliance

The MSP Training offered by Partnerships 2030 in 2021 was an eye-opener for us at the Generation Equality Action Coalition Secretariat. It not only revealed key characteristics and the corresponding challenges of multi-stakeholder partnerships, but also practical solutions for practitioners to navigate them. We are already using some important takeaways in the management of the Action Coalition on Economic Justice and Rights, including organized planning, guided by a forecast on common future challenges, and agile decision-making.

V_Nyirongo_L_Mohseni VENGE NYIRONGO und LAYLA MOHSENI, Action Coalition Secretariat, UN Women Headquarters

Services offered by Partnerships2030


We make information publicly available in various formats.
These include publications on different topics (such as gender, human
rights and impact assessment), educational videos, MSP fact sheets and
our quarterly newsletter.

Workshops und Training

We design and implement customised training
measures – free of charge. This type of tailored training can be adapted
flexibly to your needs in terms of format, length and content. You can find
out more about the training we offer here. Engagement Global – bengo
also offers a comprehensive range of training measures specifically for civil
society stakeholders. More information on this topic can be found here.


We can provide individual advice at all stages of an MSP – from
the development of ideas to implementation and further development.
Whether you are looking for advice on integrating relevant stakeholders,
defining joint goals or monitoring results, our experts are happy to help.