MSPs are a promising approach to foster collaborative solutions to global challenges. With our free web-based training learners can dive deeper into their workings, success factors and more.  

Partnerships2030 has launched a new self-paced interactive online training on MSPs. It consists of four modules with audio, continually guiding you from the fundamentals towards a deeper understanding of MSPs. In about 60 to 70 minutes, you will learn how MSPs work and what it takes to build them up successfully.  

Online training on Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships

Throughout the training, learners have the chance to discover examples of successful MSPs and reflect on the context of their own project or partnership. The training incorporates links to supplementary resources and information to further deepen their understanding. After completion, they will be able to make an informed decision on how to move forward and whether an MSP is the appropriate form for the collaborative endeavour. They will also receive suggestions on how to proceed in their MSP-specific situation.  

The training is available in English, German, French and Spanish for free on the atingi platform. Learners follow the link in the language that suits them and register easily for use on the atingi platform: 

Course: Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships: Make them work for you. | atingi 

Kurs: Multi-Akteurs-Partnerschaften: Wie sie erfolgreich werden | atingi  

Curso: Cooperaciones de múltiples actores: Cómo consiguen el éxito | atingi 

Cours : Partenariats multipartites : Faites en sorte qu’ils fonctionnent pour vous | atingi 

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